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12-Year-Old Boy Kills 29-Yr-Old Nigerian Mom In US

A 12-year-old boy shot and killed his Nigerian mother in their home in Alabama, United States of America.

The boy who later admitted to shooting his mother, a Nigerian woman, by accident after initially claiming an intruder killed her in their US home.

Ayobiyi Cook, a 29-year-old registered nurse known as ‘Yo-Yo,’ was discovered dead on the 2400 block of Freemont Avenue in Forestdale, Alabama, shortly after midnight on August 6.

Her son initially told police that an intruder had broken into their home, shot his mother, and then fled.

“The child initially made up a story that detectives determined was not plausible,” said Deputy Chief David Agee.

“Following an investigation, Sheriff’s Detectives determined that the victim’s 12-year-old son unintentionally discharged a firearm, striking his mother and killing her.”

“After further questioning, the boy changed his story.

“Eventually, the child gave a true account of what happened,” Agee said.

“Evidence at the scene suggests that the shooting was unintentional, and the offense will be dealt with in Family Court.” “Throughout the process, the family has been cooperative, and the child will remain with them.”

According to Birmingham Real-Time News, the boy’s father is a Birmingham Police Department officer who was working at the time of the shooting.