4-year-old Indian Child K*lled In Leopard Attack

A four-year-old girl died after being attacked by a leopard inside a private tea estate in Arakadu, Tamil Nadu, India.

According to local media, the girl identified as Saritha, the daughter of Assamese migrant workers, was attacked on Wednesday afternoon, August 10, 2022, while going to relieve herself with two friends near their house. The other children were unharmed.

Saritha’s mother rushed to her aid after hearing her screams and discovering the girl unconscious due to excessive bleeding.

According to sources, the big cat bit her in the neck, and one of the canine teeth was found on her neck.

She was taken to the Ooty Government Medical College Hospital in an ambulance. However, she died after failing to respond to treatment.

Forest service personnel are patrolling the area to prevent further escalation of human-animal conflict.

The leopard had come from Mynala, which is two kilometers away, according to Nilgiris District Forest Officer (DFO) Bhosale Sachin Tukaram.

“Our employees have lifted pug marks. Though locals claim to be seeing the big cat for the first time, a large number of leopards can be found in the nearby forest. This is Arakadu’s first human-leopard conflict. “Our investigation reveals that the leopard could not have been a man eater because only canine teeth marks were found on the girl’s body and her flesh was unharmed,” he said.

Officials have installed ten cameras to monitor animal movement in Arakadu and have advised residents to avoid walking near the bushes.