7 Kinds Of Bosses In Nigeria’s Corporate Outfits

1) The prayerful boss

This type of boss can pray for Africa, whether you like it or not they’ll cajole you to join prayer sessions.

Ironically, prayers do not switch or improve their life pattern one bit, they can so deal with you that you begin to question the basis of their prayers.

A common trait with them is; they are chronic womanizers most times, but do it with code that you’ll hardly decode except you’re a bad guy.

2) The overzealous Boss

This boss can make you think your life goes around office work.

They’ll hardly allow you go on at least 10 minutes break/launch out of your 30 or 35 minutes daily.

This boss is ready to work a willing horse in you dead.

He’ll give you various tasks and expects you to be up to speed, timely and accurate, no excuse�, you must multi-task o, ehe.

If you loose guard you chop query straight up, they write you as if you can’t form a sentence in reply.

This boss don’t mind sending you 10 queries a day as well as attach time limit for your maximum response.

To them, writing you is a way of punishing you and as well as inconvenience your day. They won’t mind copying a higher authority that could make your punishment drastic.

There favorite lines as always are; “Kindly explain why the Management should not punish/meet your attitude with grave sanctions�, as if he’s the one to decide for Management on how to punish you.”

Except you apply wisdom, they won’t let you proceed on annual leave, but they won’t spend a single minute of their leave in the office(ndi mgbu).

3) The jolly boss

This type of boss is a good fellow by default, he/she carries everybody along.

He’ll play with you that you’ll start cracking jokes with him, regardless.

But it’s left for you to know the limit between play and work.

He’ll make you understand that office work should be fun, in fact he plays with work and expects you to feel free while at work, but this must not interfere with your performance.

This type of boss most often gets disrespected by female colleagues, but trust him to deal and apply necessary sanctions if need be.

This boss may be randy, in this case going in-and-out of female colleagues skirts/garments may just be his delight�.

He is free and may spend all of his salary to keep everyone happy at large.

4) The Bossy Boss/nagging Boss

This boss needs no formal introduction nah�‍♀️

If you haven’t worked under this boss, it’s possible you haven’t been to the Nigerian corporate outfits.

This type of boss can without provocation shout the living day light out of you for no reason �.

He’ll pounce in the event you fall short of expectation, always be on guard, otherwise get prepared to be disgraced before customers or clients who hold you to a high esteem, waiting concern oga nah�‍♀️�.

God punish you if he wants to chyke a new girl around, he’ll order you around like a piece of paper that even you will regret the day you apply to join the service.

Just so the girl will notice how powerful and authority he is.

If you have interest in the same, just move on, because oga tell her how your salary is just pea nut and won’t cater for her financial bills.

Trust mumu girls nah���

Those guys, na God go reason their matter.

5) The quiet Boss

The quiet boss is a delight to work with. He’ll accord you every respect, they are calm in the spirit, always willing to correct you, but can be brutal in judgment.

They don’t talk too much, he may laugh with you on a misconduct that you’ll think it’s over, before you get to your desk a hot mail is waiting in your inbox already, �‍♀️, that’s who they are.

They don’t have time to chase clout, simple. Don’t get them provoked and irritated, the outcome will shock your ancestors.

6) The dull and unintelligent Boss

These one’s are often found within the female category, no shades.

They hardly know work procedure, they’ll call and rely on a subordinate to delegate duty and accomplish task.

They can be saucy and annoying, always want to show their authority but lack depth in workflow.

The management in their wisdom deemed her a boss, and she’ll always be up their expectation.

7) The phone Boss

This Boss will be on phone for the better part of work hours.

It’s either he is on call or chatting, most times coordinating his/her private business.

Any request on their table will be met with reluctant setbacks, they don’t care.

The only time they work is when their own supervisors are around, even oga get aga na���. They can do eye service �

These are just a few of the bosses from my experience, add yours at the comment section.