Guys let’s Help a Brother

Good day, everyone. I won’t bore you with all of the details. Okay, I’ve been a member of this Forum for a while, but I really need mature advice because I’m in a pickle right now. In 2021, I met this adorable babe. I am Igbo and she is from Edo. I was seriously considering marrying her, but I have some serious reservations.

First, she paid us a visit last year. Her phone screen lit up while she was sleeping on my laps, so I was tempted to look, and I saw a message had been delivered to Mariam. So something whispered to me to check the message’s content. When I investigated, I discovered that the message had been deleted after it had been sent.

As a Guyman, that discovery piqued my interest. I copied the number and checked Truecaller, and lo and behold, a man’s name appeared. So I looked up his name on Facebook and WhatsApp and discovered he was a married man with five children.

So I waited until the next morning to confront her. She initially denied it was a man, but when confronted with my evidence, she admitted it was a married man. I inquired further, and she informed me that they had s*x four times while we were dating ooo. I pushed her out of my house and completely blocked her path.

However, this babe will be calling and texting from other people’s phones.

to call and be sending msgs telling me she is sorry. So at a point I forgave her and we continued, but, I was not ready to start trusting her again. So last week, I was trying to see if she has truly turned a new leaf before making a major move by going to see her parents. I was shocked what I saw in her WhatsApp. 

There was this random dude asking her out. From their chats she told the guy that she has a boyfriend so she can’t have anything to do with him. But, she sent him a video of her touching her Vagi*a. Telling him she wets and squirts very well. When the guy demanded they see so he can feel her she told him no that her Vagin* is only for her boyfriend. Also I saw so many guys asking her out but she kept telling them she is in a serious relationship and she can’t date them. 

So I am really confused. She is 22 and I am 33. It pains me so much cos this girl is so loving and caring and also a good cook. She treats me well and has never disrespected me. I am really hurting inside cos I feel this is not the kind of woman I wanna marry like how do u expose the most intimate part of ur body to someone else. Is it lack of maturity or she is jst loose and I didn’t know. I have refused picking her calls but she keeps on begging and sending msgs seriously. I am tired. 

Please I need matured advise cos I am no longer getting young and I wanna settle down ASAP.