Are Certificates Really Overrated??

So one of my uncles that is based overseas is billed to come home this Xmas, as such a lot of cleaning and fumigation has been going on in his house in readiness for his come back.

I went this morning to supervise the work going on there. I went inside of the stores by the car house and saw this old metal cabinet and I decided to check what’s inside. Lo and behold, I found in the midst of old paper files and debris my uncle’s Nigerian certificates! Omo!

Rats has eaten some portions of the certificates. I scanned through and discovered that he was,by his Nigerian qualifications, below average. This is the same man that is an internationally sort after lawyer both in the country and overseas where he resides.

This got me wondering with so many questions on my mind:
1. Are certificates really overrated?

2. Does it really come a time in our lives (apart from death) when our certificates becomes irrelevant?

3. Is it not obsolete to measure ones intelligence based on exam performances? ( My uncle would have been jobless or better still a charge and bail lawyer at best going by his academic performance)

4. And why do Nigerians perform better in almost everything when the leave this country? Are we too stringent or is a reflection of our flawed system?

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