Baby Fell Out Of Mother’s Moving Car, Ran Over By Another Car In U.S

An eight-month-old baby girl, Kassidy Smith gave up the ghost after falling from the backseat of her mother’s car onto the road and being run over by another car.

Police said the infant and her three older siblings were unrestrained before the incident around 10.30am, Monday on North MacArthur Drive in Irving, Texas.

The Irving Police Department identified the deceased child as Kassidy Smith during a press conference Monday afternoon.

They said the baby’s mother, who has not been named, is not facing charges at the moment, but investigators said that could change.

First responders are seen working on the mortally injured baby on MacArthur Boulevard on Monday.

According to the police, Kassidy’s mother was driving with Kassidy and her older children, ages 2, 3, and 6, in the car.

They were not restrained, despite two car seats in the vehicle.

As the mother was turning left onto Ranchview Trail, the right back door opened and Kassidy tumbled out of the car and onto the road. 

It is unclear how the door opened.

Then, the driver of the black sedan ran over the eight-month-old and drove away, according to witness accounts.

‘We do not believe there was any malicious intent,’ Irving Police Department spokesperson Robert Reeves said. ‘We are not calling it a hit-and-run because we don’t think the person that ran over the child knows they ran over that child. 

They might have thought it was a package or an animal possibly, and they just ran over it and kept going.’

A witness police they initially thought a doll fell out of the car. When they realized it was a child, they pulled over and rushed over to help.

But police are looking for the driver of a black sedan.

Reeves said Kassidy’s mother could eventually face a ‘range of potential charges,’ including child endangerment.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Service also launched an investigation.