BBNaija: Amaka And Phyna Fight

“This Girl Is Manipulative,” Amaka Cries As She Argues With Phyna About Winning Strategy

Amaka and Phyna, Big Brother Naija season 7 housemates, had an intense moment that almost resulted in a mass brawl.

The ladies yelled at the top of their lungs as they argued their cases in front of Beauty and Bryan, before Amaka burst into tears.

Amaka mentioned that she has no clout outside the house and would love to get inside the mind of one person in the other house.

The Big Brother Naija show is a game of strategy and influence before one person emerges victorious, and Amaka does not want to get lost in the shuffle.

Amaka was seen in a heated argument with someone in a video posted online.

Bryan was holding Phyna tightly to avoid a physical fight.

According to Amaka, unlike Phyna, she has no backup outside the house, and winning the game is largely dependent on what she does inside.

Phyna labeled her teammate manipulative and, upon breaking free, revealed that Amaka had been discussing the other BBN house and how to get inside the strongest person’s head.

Phyna, who was now with Amaka and Beauty, inquired about what would happen next, even if Amaka’s plan was successful. After her shouting match with Phyna, Bryan tried to get Amaka to sit and listen to him in another clip. Amaka covered her face, claiming that her fears were justified because she was human as she eventually burst into tears, while Beauty and Bryan tried to pet her.