Can Wizkid Beat Angelique Kidjo & Femi Kuti To Win In This Grammy’s Category?

The good news is wizkid just got nominated at the Grammy’s.

The bad news is, I’m not sure he’s going to win. And, I say this with utmost concern, because I’d really love to see Wizkid win this award. Tems too, in fact. They both deserve it, after what they’ve done in this past year for the culture.

Can Wizkid beat Angelique Kidjo in this Category?

The problem is the people they’re nominated with, actually. This could just turn out to be another 2019, where we touted Burna Boy for the Best World Album award, and he lost it to the 4-time winner, Angelique Kidjo. It seems like the category was created for her because whatever project she does gets nominated.

Angelique Kidjo had to seize dropping an Album so Burna Boy could win

Since she had a close relationship with Burna Boy, she refrained from dropping an album in the window he released “Twice As Tall” and then Burna Boy won. But most people felt like it was only because Angelique Kidjo was out of the way.

Wizkid is in the same corner – can he Angelique Kidjo & Femi Kuti? 樂樂

Now, Wizkid is faced with the same challenge Burna Boy faced in 2019. His album “Made In Lagos” just got a nomination for the Best Global Album category, a category Angelique Kidjo’s “Mother Nature” was also nominated for.

What’s more, Femi and Made Kuti are also in the same category with their “Legacy+” album. It is a tough one. Can Wizkid overcome these challenges and win his third Grammy award or will this just be a case like that of 2019 for him?

Wizkid has really tried and he deserves every attention he’s getting and if you ask me, he’s fit enough to win the Grammy ahead of other contestants.

Now, here is our question for you all 

Can Wizkid Really Beat Angelique Kidjo & Femi Kuti To Win The Grammy?