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Commuters Groan, Businesses Shut As Sango-Ota Road Collapses

The deplorable state of the Sango-Ota end of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway in Ogun State has only added to the woes of local residents and business owners.

The road had collapsed, according to our correspondent, who visited the area on Thursday.

Motorists and commuters had a difficult time navigating the route.

The nearly three-kilometer stretch of Joju between the Sango-Ota Bridge and Ifo was closed.

The road was littered with large potholes that were clogged with water.

As they faced oncoming vehicles, both trucks and vehicles were forced to connect to the other lane, only to reconnect to their lane at the Igbala end of the road.

Motorists expressed concern that the available lane would be damaged as a result of the high volume of traffic on the axis.

A similar sight could be seen at the Toll Gate end of the road, where the lane connecting motorists from Alakuko into Ogun State had been abandoned.

Only a few vehicles were seen meandering through the pothole-ridden section of the road.

A water-filled gully could also be seen at the axis’s end.

The majority of motorists, including a police patrol van, resorted to driving in one direction.

Our correspondent discovered that vehicles driving against traffic had struck commuters several times.

He said, “We are coming back to the road. The problem we have in that area is that every space of land has been sold. Everywhere is fully developed and the water accumulated on that axis comes to the lowest point. But a redesign has been undertaken to take care of that problem. The contractor has been moved out of site, but they will soon come back. We aim to deliver the road by the end of the year, and that is what we are working on.”