David Hundeyin: FG Approves ₦1.4 Billion To Purchase 10 Vehicles For Niger

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I’m going to put this on Twitter because @WestAfricaWeek is a long-read platform that doesn’t do breaking news, and this needs to be out there.

I’ve got hold of a budget office document showing @MBuhari approving N1.4 billion to buy vehicles for the government of Niger Republic. https:///GDVx50cOJ0

I went ahead to confirm the account details provided in the document and sure enough it checks out.

Why is @MBuhari’s government purchasing vehicles for a foreign government? Is this an extension of the same nonsensical decision-making that saw it prioritise a railway to Maradi?

“President” @MBuhari over to you please.

Kindly explain why you are expending scarce Nigerian public sector resources on your Nigerièn cousins, and in such a brazen manner that you dare to let it appear on official Budget Office documentation.

Nigeria is waiting.