Daysman Oyakhilome Breaks Silence On Suspension

Daysman, the nephew of Christ Embassy founder Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has broken his silence on his much-discussed suspension from official church roles.

Daysman was suspended from office earlier this month due to misconduct, according to Oyakhilome.

While remaining silent on the Daysman incident, the founder announced during a church service that he would be on “spiritual rehabilitation” following his suspension.

According to the cleric,

Now, for the loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations which are part of our youth organizations, the one who has been president of Loveworld next and Loveworld Innovations, Daysman Oyakhilome Woghiren is hereby removed from being president of Loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations and also suspended from all official roles for acts of gross misconduct.

“So he no longer handles any of that and I’m putting him under Spiritual rehabilitation. He has to go through a spiritual rehabilitation program from now, with immediate effect.

“Such misconduct is unacceptable and so right away, we have appointed Pastor Derick Izekoh as president of Loveworld Next and Loveworld Innovations.”

Reacting online for the first time since his suspension, Daysman stated via his Instagram page that he needed to respond to news agencies and big media who have been asking him to say something about the development.

According to him, it is a blessing to be corrected by his father (Pastor Chris Oyakhilome).

He added, ” If not for the names involved, I’d very much remain silent.

Where I come from sons do not fight with fathers, it is a curse! You just have to believe that they see what you do not see and trust in their process.

“If you loved the teacher when he provided you with knowledge, do not love him less when he present you with an examination.

“You cannot tell a father how to raise his son,” he stated in part.