DELSU Students Tell Ned Nwoko That They Hailed Him Because Of His Wife Regina

According to IGBERETV, Ned Nwoko and his wife Regina Daniels visited Delta State University. When Regina was introduced, students gave her a standing ovation.

Students at DELSU could be seen applauding the newlyweds as they entered the hall in a video taken during their visit.

Ned Nwoko was presented, and the students gave him a hesitant cheer once they had taken their seats on stage. But when Regina Daniels was introduced, the students shouted and yelled for her so loudly that they nearly knocked the roof down.

The person who introduced the pair noted that Regina received more applause, and Ned Nwoko mentioned this when he started speaking.

Ned Nwoko said: “My friend here, the commissioner, said to me that your ovation when I entered here was because of my wife. Is it true?”

“Yes,” the students screamed in response.