Denrele Distance Self From Bobrisky, James Brown, Says He Is Not A Crossdresser

Denrele Edun, a popular Nigerian entertainer and media personality, has denied being a transgender person.

The fashionable television host made the statement to refute the notion that he inspired popular crossdressers like Denrele, James Brown, and a slew of others.

He made the revelation while on Vanguard’s online TV show, ‘Lunch Date with Vanguard,’ when asked about the cross-dressing comparison.

The fashion icon stated that he is not a social media sensation and that his fame is the result of hard work and dedication rather than social media influence.

Denrele has been in the industry since 1994, long before social media. He recognizes the influx of creatives in this generation who have carved out a niche for themselves through brand presentation, social media influence, and internet leverage, but he believes there is a significant gap between him and them.

“You can’t trash someone’s portfolio of work who has been acting, modeling, and revolutionizing the red carpet culture in Nigeria,” he said.
Denrele went on to say that he has been a huge influence in fashion since 2005, as well as an iconic figure who has been instrumental in the success of a slew of Nigerian artistes from that generation to the present.

He said his fashion style was inspired by popular pop artistes such as Jim Reeves, Gibson brother, and particularly, Bonny M and it shouldn’t be misinterpreted as cross-dressing.

The popular entertainer further added that people do not understand his brand which explains the misconception. He said his brand is unconventional and out of the box.