Did King Charles Ignore A Handshake From A Black Man In Trending Video?

Did King Charles ignore Black man? Here’s what Twitter thinks about popular video

A viral video of King Charles III has sparked debate on social media, highlighting issues regarding the monarch and the media. King Charles III, the new king of the United Kingdom (UK), can be seen in a video shaking the hands of mourners who came to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth the second, who passed away early last week.

However, a particular incident during which the King shook every hand that came his way, except that of an adult black guy of African heritage waiting in the crowd, has provoked conflicting emotions from Kenyans and other Africans.

The monarch allegedly skipped over and ignored the handshake from the African before shaking all the other white hands. According to media reports, all other African presidents travelled to the funeral on the same bus, while US President Joe Biden arrived with his entire presidential escort.

Ahmed Asmali, a social media personality, wrote on Twitter while sharing the video, “From their leaders being forced into buses to not being greeted.” Obakeng Ramabodu, a Twitter user, posted the viral video on his feed. The video has more than 40 lakh views and more than 1 lakh likes since it was posted.

On the video, about 30,000 users commented. Many people criticised the King for his discriminatory action, while others uploaded a video that was the contrary of the popular one. Even the last few seconds of the video, in which King greets a black individual, was reposted by one user.