‘Don’t Despair Over Osun, Victory Awaits Tinubu In 2023’ – Support Group

An Asiwaju Bola Tinubu support group, Disciples of Jagaba (DOJ), has told members of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) not to despair over the loss of the party in Saturday’s governorship election which took place in Osun State.

The group assured APC members that victory awaits them in the 2023 general election.

It said rather than feel dejected towards the outcome, it was a good lesson that should spur their party to prepare well for next year’s presidential election.

A statement by its National Coordinator AbdulHakeem Alawuje reminded them that “the election has come and gone; so, it must not be a thing to think about as sometimes challenges are good for one to measure up for future challenge”.

Alawuje said: “The Osun election must not be a wasted event. It’s a good lesson that should prepare us ahead.”

The national coordinator called for a review of party activities instead of allowing the outcome of the Osun poll to have a negative impact on them members.

“We also call on those who are leaders of the Tinubu Campaign Council not to undermine other groups who can bring victory to the party and the presidential candidate.

“The undisputable truth that is far beyond the interests of ethnicity and religion is that Tinubu’s opponents are out to hide behind sentiments.

“Let us calm down so that we can be able to see who the contestants are, what their past and track records are, keeping political sentiments aside.

“The only problem we have in Nigeria is that we refuse to identify individual differences; we are trying to ignore them. But the natural fundamental principles of life will not allow things to work seamlessly until we identify and know how to meet up with individuals’ needs without tampering with the individuals’ rights.

“To this end, DOJ urges Nigerians to realise that if we vote based on sentiments, the elected winner must at least be in that position for some time before we can have another chance to change him or her; hence, our eyes will become clear immediately after the elections, and we will then continue facing the unpalatable consequences of the sentimental choices we made by voting our biases.

“What we need to work on is good governance, how to make our nation to work for all, how to improve our national services, and how to advance our economic system, among other things.”