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DSS Investigates Video Of Kogi Governor Bello Urging To Shoot Anyone Criticising His Regime

Nigeria’s secret police, the Department of State Services (DSS), has launched an investigation into the video of Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, threatening people to shoot anyone saying bad things about his administration.

A source at the agency told SaharaReporters on Tuesday night that the video had been brought to the attention of the secret police.

Senior intelligence officers have seen the video and it’s being investigated here at the headquarters in Abuja,” the source said.

Bello also in the video bragged that he could handle a gun better than the people he was talking to, upon him not being a security agent.

If I hear any rumour or hear anybody murmuring, even if it’s in the person’s room and I said I want to see the person and you cannot provide him, then be prepared to be the person’s substitute,” Bello who contested the ruling All Progressives Congress presidential primary was heard saying in the video.

That’s why I’m saying it loud and clear for everyone to hear. Not just Ihima, not just about Ebira but the whole of Kogi. Because some of those people who are prepared to do evil, may be some of them are older than me.

“You cannot hold gun more than me. For that, everyone should receive and disseminate the message. Record and play it for them that I’m ready this time around.”

Salome Abuh, the women’s leader of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party, was burned to death in December 2019 after an altercation during the gubernatorial race by thugs who were reportedly loyal to Bello and the governing APC. In April 2021, two middle-aged protestors who were putting up Buhari-Must-Go banners in Lokoja were attacked by hostile youngsters working for the Kogi governor.

Before the two protestors were ultimately turned over to police officers, the APC youths beat them, brutally videotaped them, and flogged them. A few days later, the state administration backed mob violence against the teenagers in a statement, claiming they were from Benue State.

“The Kogi State Government wishes to commend the gallant and ever vigilant youths of the state for rising to the occasion to crush the ungodly campaign by some imported and sponsored youths who came to the State to campaign against President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The sponsored youths congregated at Benue State from where they moved to Kogi State and began to paint walls as well as display anti-Buhari posters that were printed in a South-South state,” the state Commissioner for Information and Communication, Kingsley Fanwo had said.

During the APC presidential primaries in earlier this year, some of Bello’s supporters were arrested by the police after guns and ammunition were seen on them.

Some of them were nabbed in vehicles branded with the logo of the Kogi governor.