Footballer Beat His Ex To D*ath With A Hammer & Baseball Bat

A football player from Italy is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend with a hammer and a baseball bat after she accused him of stalking.

Former Napoli youth player and model Giovanni Padovani has played center defender for ten clubs in Italy’s Serie C and Serie D levels.

He signed for Sicilian fourth-tier Sancataldese earlier in August.

But he missed the Italian Cup’s first game, against neighborhood rivals Catania, last weekend.

Alessandra Matteuzzi, 56, was the target of Giovanni Padovani, 27, who allegedly abandoned his squad the night before a cup match and traveled to Bologna to wait for her.

He then ambushed her in the lobby of her apartment building as she was returning home, according to Police.

She was on the phone with her sister Stefania who heard her agonizing screams as she was being attacked.

The sister told a local TV station: “She got out of her car and started screaming, ‘No Giovanni, no, I beg you, help.’

“I was on the phone. I immediately called the Carabinieri who arrived straight away.

“I live 30km away. In the end he beat her to death.”

Alessandra and her younger lover had been a couple for around a year, according to reports in Italy.

However they spent most of their time apart as she lived in Bologna and he played his football in Sicily.

In January there was a bust-up at her home when he smashed dishes and a light bulb, her sister claimed.

Giuseppe Amato, the chief prosecutor in Bologna, refuted claims that the case’s judges acted carelessly.

He said that an inquiry was started right away after the complaint was filed on August 1 but that it could not be finished until the following week due to witnesses being on vacation.

He added that the stalking report did not point out “situations with an actual risk of violence, it was merely the standard behaviour of irritating stalking.” “We did everything we could,” he stated.

Padovani reportedly left the team’s training retreat last Saturday, claiming he had personal issues, according to Sancataldese club attorney Salvatore Pirrello.

He called the team on Monday to inquire about re-joining, but was ordered to keep away, according to Corriere della Sera.

He then flew to Bologna in northern Italy, where he allegedly ambushed his ex on Tuesday this week.

After Alessandra died in hospital of massive head injuries, Padovani was arrested on suspicion of aggravated murder and is being held in custody.