Frank Edwards Reveals What A Random Fan He Gave Money Bought With It

Popular gospel singer, Frank Edwards has taken to social media to reveal what a random fan he gifted money bought with it.
According to the singer, the fan who works at a shawarma store saw him randomly on Sunday, Nov 21, and started screaming and praising him.
He said he was captivated by the fan’s action and decided to bless him financially.
They apparently exchanged contacts after their first meeting as the fan sent him a message on WhatsApp revealing what he used the cash gift for.

In the chat, the young man disclosed that he bought his first studio equipment to help his career as an upcoming music producer.

Sharing the screenshots of their chat, Frank Edwards wrote,

“So I randomly met this guy yesterday at a shawarma place where he works, he just started screaming “my mentor , Omg !! “ etc
Afterwards I decided to sow a seed to him .. so got his account details and sent my seed! And he started with another level of drama Now why am i sharing this ? He told me that even though he works at the shawarma place he is an upcoming producer.. and this guy took from the money I gave him straight to the music store to get his first studio equipment!! I’m so impressed to see how serious he is with his dream!! He didn’t go to buy shoes and chains !! My brother you will succeed in JESUS NAME!!”