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Goodluck Jonathan’s House In Otuoke Remains Accessible Only Via Canoe

Today, I visited Otuoke, my network and some different groups in Bayelsa State to have an evaluation of the effect of the flood. It remains a miserable scenario in a few of the affected groups due to the value of the flood and the disruption and destruction it has caused.
This is a second of crisis; we want to paintings in solidarity to reap the aim of giving desire and supplying succor to all sufferers.
I entreated all residents of goodwill and humanitarian organizations to illustrate team spirit with those sufferers and offer guide to the ones affected.

This guy become president of Nigeria for six years. The most effective issue he did in Etuoke turned into constructing a mansion for himself with out even considering the susceptibility of the place to flooding. Today, the mansion is underwater and now no longer habitable. Our leaders lack foresight and without problems get over excited through all of the noise that is going with being a president. Obasanjo turned into president for eight years. He failed to don’t forget to reconstruct the street main to Otta. Today, Obj is complaining approximately the nation of the identical street he left out even as in workplace and had all of the energy to fix.

To Jonathan, revel in your endured live in IDP camp