Government Negotiates 23.5% Salary Increment For Lecturers

Adamu Adamu, the minister of education, stated on Tuesday that the government could only afford to boost lecturers’ pay by 23.5%, while professors will receive a 35% raise. The minister also mentioned that Major General Muhammadu Buhari, the President, had issued a warning against entering into commitments that the government would not be able to fulfill. During the discussion with vice chancellors and other university system stakeholders, Adamu made this disclosure.

He said,”The Federal Government can only afford a 23.5% salary increase for all category of the workforce in Federal Universities, except for the professorial cadre which will enjoy a 35% upward review.

“Henceforth, allowances that pertain to ad-hoc duties of the academic and non-academic staff shall be paid as at when due by the Governing Councils of Universities to which such services are rendered and to the staff who perform


“That a sum of 150 billion Naira shall be provided for in the 2023 Budget as
funds for the revitalization of Federal Universities, to be disbursed to the
Institutions in the First Quarter of the year, and that a sum of 50 billion Naira shall be provided for in the 2023 Budget for the payment of outstanding areas of earned academic allowances, to be paid
in the First Quarter of the year”.