Help My Tribal Brother Has eight Kids And The Wife Is Heavily Pregnant

There’s this remote brother of mine (now no longer associated through blood) my own circle of relatives has recognized him for a few months now.

He’s the hearthplace praying churchy kind of person, he does usually go to my own circle of relatives, however we’ve in no way met his own circle of relatives.

He’s a foreman that does any form of task, he is hardworking tho, now no longer the lazy type.

So a few days ago,once I went for an workout on sight seeing organised through Nigerian army, it occured to us to test on him on the grounds that he remains toward the venue.

I rang his line and informed him to direct me to his domestic,which he reluctantly did, while we in the end placed his domestic.

To say I changed into disenchanted with the surroundings turned into a real understatement thinking about what he turned into as much as currently which caused this post.

I met four of his youngsters, at domestic playing, they should be in college at that point and his closely pregnant spouse, we exchanged pleasantly, all through our short staycation there, the bros became uncomfortable, after a few moments we took our leave.

This identical guy got here to my hood to color the condo of a younger lovely huge God girl UBA banker who simply moved in.

To my painment and chagrin, my brother failed to even acquire a dime from this female as wages for the task done, he simplest accumulated telecellsmartphone quantity and commenced chyking the woman, who manifestly has a wealthy flavor for huge boys and my bros turned into quite pained.

Simply put, he did a loose process, a activity that took him 2 days to color ,

My brother stated he desires to have as many youngsters as possible, I’m afraid he is now no longer making the vital actions to take care of them, which certainly is bad, with the existing state of affairs of the country.

My query now is…. Why might the spouse and my bros conform to littering the residence with youngsters they can’t take care of and the 9th one is at the way?

Why does low profits earners usually have power to knack and bring youngsters with out the important greenbacks to take care of them?