How I Made Over A One Million Naira Growing Pawpaw

I planted some pawpaw trees in my compound, the yield was beyond my expectations, I decided to sell the fruits, keeping the proceeds untouched, at the end, I counted over #50k
Being surprised of the money realized, I decided to make it a bit commercial by including more trees, I got over #120k.
The above two trials compelled me into Papaya production within the available spaces in my compound, today I make hundreds of thousands every harvesting period.
Note the followings;

1. Pawpaw has a lot of health benefit
2. The demand for it is very high
3. Few people grow the fruit
4. The tree die within 2 to 5 years depending on how it’s being managed
5. The fruit can be grown from the seed or the stem.
6. Growing it from the stem gives quick result and high yield

Am going to reveal the secret; how to grow pawpaw from the stem

Here Pawpaw was grown from the seed

Growing from stem gives the picture below

Pawpaw grown from stem

Pawpaw is of three types
1. Female Pawpaw
2. Male Pawpaw
3. Hamophrodite Pawpaw

The male Pawpaw does not fruit or produce pawpaw. It has a medicinal value which makes it very useful in deworming animals including human beings. Where you get female Pawpaw planted without a male Pawpaw around it, the female Pawpaw can never fruit since no male is around to fertilize it

Picture of male Pawpaw

The female Pawpaw is the best if there is a male one around it. The yield is enormous. There are pawpaw fruits all over the tree since any female flower produced is always pollinated.

Watch the video below

The Hamophrodite Pawpaw has both female and male flowers in one pawpaw tree. This is good except that the yield is not as much as the female Pawpaw. There is always gaps in between the fruits