How I Spend My 63k Monthly Salary Yet I Am Tagged A Bad Boyfriend

Me I earn 63k as salary and my rent is 210k annually. Below is how I disburse it:

Kitchen stocking – 25k.

Soup for the month (we cook soup 5 times in a month) – 15k.

Baby mama – 5k.

Light bill – 2k.

Purewater – 4k.

Stew, Beans, Moi moi: 5/6k

Gas – 5k.

Fuel: As the Lord leads but I do put on Gen almost everyday as far as there’s no light.
Now if you observed you will see that I don’t have any money for myself nor my baby, make sure I run other deals to meet up my rent and cater for my son.

However, my baby mama went outside to damage my reputation by claiming that I am treating her like a house girl, that I treat her like a slave, that she is in an abusive relationship, and that all the young girls in my neighborhood harbor ill will toward me as a result of her rumors, which they all believed.

Even when I speak, nobody seems to believe me. I had to toss her belongings out and ask her to leave because I had had enough of the arguments and pestering. After intervening and asking me to take my son’s age into consideration, neighbors left. I gave in and went to work, only to return home that evening, on the 22nd.

July and discovered that she had left my home with my son, who I adore, even though all of her belongings were still there.

Bring my baby sef, but to no use; at least let me to see him no more. I’ve spoken to her mother and siblings, and they’re all on her side, saying that a man shouldn’t throw a woman’s belongings outside (even my family blamed me for doing so). Oya, I don’t agree sef, but they’re still keeping my baby, who will turn a year old on August 29th, from me.

Sincerity be damned, her family wants me to marry their daughter, but I have lost interest.