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‘How Police Harassed Us On Third Mainland Bridge, Seized Our Phones’

POLICE BRUTALITY (Will it ever end)
This Morning heading to Ikeja with my brother and his wife to meet up with our visa appointment, on getting to the road that connects third mainland bridge through Osborne, we saw people scatter round the road,

An unbranded Vehicle (Korope) was used to block the road. I told my brother to be careful incase they were Armed Robbers (which turns out true, only this time, they wore uniform, empowered Criminals) so we don’t just run into their trap. 
#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality 

We got to them, stopped after noticing they were police men, they asked for vehicle particular and we gave them, asked for his drivers license and we gave them, then they asked my brother’s wife to get down from they car, and that my brother should hand over his keys 3/
Ah hand over keys ke�� Why do you need our car key and why should my brother’s wife leave the front seat for you? Why do you even want to enter the car, is it your car? Omo the next thing one of them snatch my brother’s phone? Ah this people mean business o 

At that point, I had started recording with my phone, and they same guy that collected my brother’s phone started moving close to me I noticed he was trying to snatch my phone too so I was carefully avoiding him, and boom they tried pinning me to the 5/

Ground, I quickly passed my phone to my brother’s wife, the dragging continue and they were very particular about getting the keys from us. Took all our phones they could lay hands on, Took turns to hit me, tore all my clothes. Some guys saw what was happening,

Stopped their car on the other side of the road and started recording, when the noticed that they were external people recording them, they started shooting. On noticing that we did not even flinch, one of them started begging us, told us we can go. 7/

Go? Like seriously? without our phones? No sir, we must get our phones, all our phones.
It’s sad that we keep seeing a repeat of the very brutality we’ve been fighting against every time. Men of the Nigerian Police Force are never tired of constantly extorting 8/

When they noticed that we and the Guys who stopped to record weren’t backing out, they ran into their vehicle and sped off. I don’t even feel safe anymore in my own country ���
#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality 

We run from Armed Robbers and Kidnappers and we should be running from Police men too? @PoliceNG when will all this Harrasment end?
At what point will we start feeling safe in our own country?
Shout out to the Young men who stopped to record what was happening, 10/

Your courage saved us tonight, because I’m not sure what those people’s plan was actually. Thank you for standing in Solidarity with us. We move✊✊�✊�✊�✊�11/11
#Endsars #EndPoliceBrutality 
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