“I’m Sorry” – Nigerian Lady Apologizes To A Man She Rejected three Years Ago

A Nigerian guy, Tommy Viccetti, has refused to just accept a girl who rejected him 3 years ago. In a tweet he made on October 26, Tommy stated he’s not the person he turned into in 2019, which means he might not be given the woman.

Tommy connected a verbal exchange he had with the woman in November 2019, at some point of which she refused to provide him her WhatsApp range.

The Nigerian woman runs again to Tommy in 2022 to plead for forgiveness

In a dramatic U-turn, the female went again to Tommy’s DM after 3 years and pleaded to be forgiven for her actions.

The girl in query stated she regrets now no longer giving him the range he requested. Tommy tweeted: “Sorry, I am now no longer the identical guy I turned into in 2019. Probably went thru my current pix and noticed the boy has wiped clean up good.”

Sorry, I am now no longer the equal Man I turned into in 2019.


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