Is His Girlfriend Trying To Pull His Legs?

My girlfriend went to a clinic for pregnancy check up yesterday.

I was serious praying for God to do me just one wish.

But when she got back, smile was all over her face.

I asked her, whats the outcome of the test? 

What she said to me is “congratulation”

I said for what?

She told me she is preg**nt.

I didn’t ask her for the test result papers or what ever they call it, bcoz i dont know how to check it.

I was just staring her in shock but she keeps on smiling and laughing.

She went home after i didnt ulter a word to her.

Something told me in my mind that she just wanna play mind games with me.

Bcoz it cant be.

I dont know how to get her to tell me the truth, cuz she behaves somehow atimes.

So pls how can you tell, when u see the result paper?

Cuz the food wey ah chop since yesterday no gree digest.