Is This A Normal Thing In Nigeria Among Bosses And Masters?

Hello HeyNinjas, So, I want you guys to give your thoughts on this.

For those of you that have acquired one trade or the other in Nigeria be it Tailoring, Mobile phone repair, Barbing, mechanic and so on, is it true that those bosses or masters do not teach their apprentices properly? I mean, is it that they just work and expect you to watch and just understand it just like that? Please, say your opinion.

Now, this is specifically for Hardware mobile phone repairers or barbers. How was your learning process like? Were you taught very well or you had to figure out stuffs on your own? I’m actually experiencing such now and I feel it’s unfair. I have great interest in mobile phone repair but I hate being insulted for what I wasn’t taught in the first place.

Is this now normal in Nigeria?