I’ve Been Secretly Enjoying Your Man – Lady Taunts Best Friend

In Lagos State, a 32-year-old guy named Ado Noah has caused severe issues between two single women named Mary Obi and Janet Eneh after Mary revealed to Janet that she had been enjoying her boyfriend, Noah, and had slept with him several times without Janet’s knowledge. According to P.M.EXPRESS, the discovery caused a severe gap between them to the point that they allegedly got into a brawl in front of everyone in the facility. They live in Lagos’ Shasha neighborhood, where the event took place. According to their neighbors, Janet was horrified to learn that her dearest friend was covertly having an affair with her partner, Noah, and Mary revealed to her that she too loved Noah and had been having an affair with him.

The squabble also involved some other neighbours, who challenged Janet and reportedly called her a thief and greedy person for not sharing Noah with her friend, Mary.

The alleged unruly conduct was reported to the Police at Shasha Division and the Police arrested both Noah, Mary and three of their neighbours, Emmanuel Mathias, Junior Egbe and Rose Michael, for conduct likely to cause breach of public peace.

According to reports, the neighbors admitted to the police that Janet’s greed was to blame for the whole situation and that they knew Noah was dating both of them during their interrogation. The Ejigbo Magistrates Court heard their charges after the Police prosecuted them after finding them guilty of the alleged crime. Before the Court, they entered a not-guilty plea. Inspector Simeon Njue, the prosecutor, then asked the court to set a hearing date since the defendants had entered a not guilty plea to allow the police to establish their guilt in the alleged offense. They were released on bail in the amount of N50,000 with one responsible surety in the same amount, according to Presiding Magistrate Mrs. A.K. Dosumu. They were detained and held in the Kirikiri Town Correctional Facility.

However when the matter came up on 1st September, the prosecutor informed the Court that the defendants were absent in Court because they were not brought by the prison officers and consequently the matter was further adjourned till a later date for hearing.