Jealous Zambian Wife Tried To Rip Off Husband’s P*nis While Sleeping Over Cheating Suspicion

According to IGBERETV, a lady who attempted to sever her husband’s penis while he was sleeping earlier this month has been given a three-year prison term.

According to testimony given in court, Jimmy Ngulube of Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia, woke up at midnight on August 4 with a severe groin discomfort.

Given Chilufya, his wife, was standing over him brandishing a bloody knife and threatening to slay him.

Before going to bed, Chilufya, 37, accused her husband of infidelity, which sparked a heated argument. Then, when she awoke during the night, she made the decision to exact retribution.

Jimmy, 43, called his brother who took him to the hospital where doctors managed to repair the worst of the damage.

Local police were also notified and Chilufya was taken into custody.