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Lagos Couple Seek Help After Losing Four Kids In A Fire

Chukwudi Micheal and Bolani Micheal, a Lagos couple who lost four of their children in a midnight fire, have sought the assistance of Nigerians.

PUNCH The fire destroyed the couple’s two-room apartment on Tapa Road, Oke-Oko, Isawo, in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, according to Metro.

Jeremiah, 12, Prayer, 18, Trust in God, 14, and Ebube, 10, perished in the inferno.

The couple, who are survived by their eight-year-old daughter Esther, said life has been difficult for them since the tragedy.

Chukwudi, the children’s father, said the family had been struggling since their property and business were destroyed in the fire.

“The fire incident not only claimed the lives of our children, it also took the means of their livelihood, we do not know how to move on from here” he said.

“God has been our strength, but we need Nigerians to assist us in getting back on our feet.” We had no time to prepare because of the unexpected incident. We must regain our footing while grieving the loss of our sons.”

Bolani, his wife, stated that the family was in distress.

“We don’t know where to begin because we don’t have a place to stay and are currently living with our pastor,” she explained. Thank God for some good Samaritans who provided us with clothing and other necessities. We can’t always live with our pastor; we just hope God will get us back on our feet.”