Man ‘summons’ Ex-lady friend With Millipedes For Reneging On Marriage Promise With The Aid Of ‘juju’

There became slight drama, yesterday, at Atimbo, Calabar Municipal Local Government Area, in Cross River State, following the invasion of an condo through a colony of millipedes despatched with the aid of using an ex-lover (guy) to a female who reneged on her promise to marry him after seeing her via school.

Vanguard amassed that the millipede-infested condominium at 4, Orok Effiom Street off Atimbo belonged to a middle-elderly girl and the colony of millepedes turned into a conventional manner of “summons.”

The colony of millipedes spiritually despatched became additionally followed through a letter declaring the purpose they (millipedes) had been despatched to the female’s condo.

An eyewitness, who didn’t need his call in print, stated: “She refused to marry the person who noticed her via the university, while she were given returned as a graduate she began out behaving humorous to the person.

“From what we heard, she instructed her ex-lover that she will not marry him due to the fact she can’t turn out to be with an illiterate husband. The guy couldn’t belly the betrayal to any extent further after which determined to head spiritual.

“We consider the person went to their deity and summoned her from there, someplace in Akwa Ibom (Oron). So, from the word that got here with the colony of millipede she have to move and provide an explanation for herself or face the outcome which might not be too good.”

“As I talk to you she has left the house, I noticed her this morning, however the Summons(a colony of millipedes) seemed at her doorstep remaining night ( Wednesday),”

When Vanguard visited the scene of the incident, there has been a big crowd and the lady in query had deserted her rental for fear, it changed into but accumulated that the millipedes will stay there till she meets the call for as said withinside the letter.

Another eyewitness, who pleaded anonymity, stated she need to pay the price incurred via way of means of her ex-boyfriend earlier than the cleaning can be achieved else her existence is probably in grave danger.

“If any of the millipedes is killed deliberately she can be able to carry out a complete burial ceremony and additionally purchase a coffin and do all of the rite involved, “ he stated.