My 19yr Old Wife Dumped My Daughter And Fled With Her Boyfriend Since On Sunday

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This is a girl I signed for tailoring work, her attitude towards me this year changed drastically because of hard times am going through. I have seen her at the far end of my street standing with boys of same age with her holding her anyhow in the waist and every time I caution her that she’s no longer a small girl but a woman.

I thought maybe she will grow up, but since on Sunday afternoon she left for her mother’s place, she was supposed to come back in the evening, I waited till on Monday morning I couldn’t call her because the last time I bought phone for her, she lied she lost it, I later found out that she gave it to one guy who is a Yahoo boy, it nearly caused a big issue that the community chairman had to be involved to settle the whole matter and the money of the phone was paid back to me.

I had to go to her mother place only to see my daughter there and she wasn’t in sight. Though her mom was trying to hide it from me but I know what’s going on, this isn’t the first time she’s done something like this

I Just left there this evening, all her mother was saying is I should take it easy.

I didn’t beat her

We didn’t quarrel, she just left on Sunday afternoon to drop my 3 year daughter at her mothers place.

I’m ashamed of the whole thing, everyone in my compound keeps asking me of her whereabouts, til it has gotten to the far end of our street.

I can’t even come out in peace, if I do they must be one person to ask me what happened just to find my mouth, and the shame of explaining everything to them of her she dumped my daughter since on sunday is not easy.

Note: please those Ladies thinking I toke advantage of her, I didn’t.
I’m a very educated individual, I did introductions with her parents before she came to live with me.
Then her dowry was paid.
It was my choice, every man dreams to get married to a tear rubber. If I want to remake that choice I probably do it again, this was never to discourage those who wants a young wife.