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My Fiancee Stopped Talking To Me Because She Wanted A ₦‎3 Million Wedding

Hy guys, I don’t know if you have been in this, my woman that agreed to be the mother of my kids as stated by her recently stopped talking to me, picking my calls because she needed a 3million naira marriage.

I told her please why not we do moderate and use the remaining for investment. She said no. The three million is even small.

When I asked her what will we use the 3million to do, she said to buy furniture for the home. Uptill now she refused to pick my calls, reply my chat if not that no be God showed her to me I would have deleted her number off my phone but am still keeping it for a reason I don’t even know.

We have been together for long, not until a friend of mine recently got married and I told her they did thier marriage not less than 300k, then she said it’s a big lie.