‘My heart is bleeding. I’ll miss my god mother Queen Elizabeth’ – Cross dresser, James Brown ‘cries’ as he mourns late Queen of England

Nigerian crossdresser, James Brown has gone to social media to mourn the late queen of England, Elizabeth II who died on Thursday afternoon, September 8.

Taking to his Instagram page, the self-acclaimed ‘Queen of Africa,’ posted a video of himself ‘wailing’ as his friends consoled him, after hearing the news of the Queen’s death.

He wrote;My heart is bleeding. I can’t believe the woman I look up too is gone

It’s painful that the woman I look up to and admire, thewoman of Grace and Principles has left me in this wicked world.I’ll deeply miss you my GOD MOTHER QUEEN ELIZABETH THE 8th

Thanks for the love & support and advising me to open james brown empire 

Watch the video below