My Landlord Son Took My Girlfriend away From Me…I’m gonna revenge

When a neighbor informed me that my girlfriend visited last month while I was away in another area, I at first assumed it was a joke. I confronted the person who was aware of my movements when I got back, and she claimed that she had just paid a polite visit to my landlord’s home after being invited by the landlord’s daughter to join them in a paddy field without my knowledge.

I didn’t take it seriously because she always went upstairs to greet them when she came to visit me. However, this month, I started noticing some strange changes in her behavior toward me. She no longer enjoys coming over and always suggests that we meet at the mall.

To come for my conjugal right is a problem. (I do send her Money, so it’s my right).

She broke up with me last week which was okay.. I didn’t sweat it. But what surprised me is getting to know she’s been seeing my landlord son at different locations.
it hurt me deeply because I took this guy like family even though we not close. But his elder sister and the middle one are so fond of me, giving me greenlight last 2 years when I just packed in as a young guy at 22 which I maintained frame but right now I may just do what I have in my mind and damn the consequences.