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NAF To Take Delivery Of fifty five Fighter Helicopters In December

The Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Isiaka Amao, has stated the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) is predicted to take transport of fifty five fighter helicopters via way of means of December 2022.

Amao disclosed this on Thursday, at some point of the -day Force operation seminar in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital.

He indexed the brand new plane to in­clude  Agusta 109 Trekker multi-function helicopters,  Beechcraft King Air 360 and 4 Diamond DA-sixty two sur­veillance plane.

Others encompass 3 Wing Loong II UCAVs, six T-129 ATAK helicopters,  CASA-295 medium airlift/ surveillance plane, 12 AH- 1Z assault helicopters and 24 M-346 assault plane.

According to the NAF chief, different new acquisitions could be brought in 2023 because the predicted helicopter could upload to the 38 fighter plane formerly received with the aid of using Pres­ident Muhammadu Buhari in 2015.

Amao delivered that the air­craft might increase the Nigeri­an air electricity employment and projection skills in addition to air fight training.

The seminar with the topic, ‘Harnessing Nigerian Air Force Combat Experience in Joint Military Operations for Doctrinal Development’ is anticipated to stop on today.

While congratulating the newly winged younger pilots, Amao entreated them to be pre­pared for the challenge in advance of their operational environment.

“Like I recommended over the last winging rite, you should be relentless withinside the pur­fit of excellence and profes­sionalism, even as running together along with your colleagues throughout different specialities withinside the service.

“Let me use this opportu­nity to remind you that withinside the behavior of NAF operations, we need to continually adhere to laid down policies of engagement. It is obligatory that we additionally pro­tect civilians and minimise ci­vilian casualties at some point of our operations”, he stated.

NAF Investigates Alleged Airstrikes On Civilians

Meanwhile, the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Oladayo Amao, has said that a committee of officials has been instituted to assemble all allegations of unintentional air moves on civilians in addition to evaluation the situations main to such moves.

This, in step with him, become which will proffering far-attaining measures that might mitigate destiny inci­dences of collateral damages on civilians all through Nigerian Air Force (NAF) operations.

A declaration via way of means of Air Com­modore Edward Gabkwet, Di­rector of Public Relations and Information, NAF, stated Amao said this on Thursday at the hole rite of the 2022 Air Operations Seminar hold­ing at Uyo, Akwa Ibom State from October 27-28.

Speaking similarly, Air Mar­shal Amao referred to that the in­vestigation in addition objectives at selling accountability, permit the NAF to analyze valu­capin a position classes to be able to keep away from or mitigate comparable instances withinside the destiny in addition to take more measures to minimise civil­ians damage and casualties in battle areas.

Air Marshal Amao im­plored the pilots to be pre­pared for the onerous project in advance noting that, “There isn’t anyt any higher manner to release you into your operational flying profession than to have you ever draw from the wealthy operational ex­periences of pro pilots who can be discussing ger­mane problems applicable to air operations.”

According to him, “The ef­forts to mitigate civilian casu­alties aren’t only a mirrored image of NAF values as a service, however additionally strategically impera­tive to our operations.”

The CAS went directly to re­thoughts the collection of the safety demanding situations present day­ly impinging at the nation’s stability, however cited that, the Armed Forces of Nigeria has made large profits in curbing and degrading the assets and talents of miscreants that are seeking for to de­stabilise the nation.

In particular, he praised the efforts of the NAF at un­leashing the coercive outcomes of air energy, especially on terrorists thru in depth air interdiction in their loca­tions and facilities.

These punitive moves, in step with the CAS, have degraded their assets, dis­rupted their deliver lines, and denied them their freedom of movement.

In welcoming different partici­pants and invitees to the semi­nar, Air Marshal Amao said that the topic of the opera­tions seminar, ‘Harnessing Nigerian Air Force Combat Experience in Joint Military Operations for Doctrinal De­velopment,’ turned into borne out of the want to attract commands from the numerous and wealthy air fight reports in the direction of the improvement of sound doctrinal ideas to manual destiny engagements.

This, in step with the CAS, is essentially due to the fact les­sons learnt from preceding campaigns stay veritable reassets of inputs for doctri­nal improvement.

“Hence the want to re-ap­reward our beyond operational successes and screw ups so that you can re-strategize closer to a extra operationally powerful NAF that may make a contribution to expeditiously finishing the present day scourge of insecurity,” he said.