Newly Wedded Nigerian Army Officer Lands In Trouble For Uploading Wedding Video

A Nigerian Army officer has run into hassle for posting a video clip of his wedding on social media.

The Nigerian Army has been asked to punish E. Ali, a lieutenant, as well as thirteen other officers who attended the wedding, for allegedly flouting army traditions at the event.

In an internal memo dated 28 October, seen by PREMIUM TIMES, the military police said the officers violated the army traditions on social media usage, dressing and etiquette on military marriage.

The Military Police said an investigation revealed that the officers breached the Nigerian Army code of ethics in the incident. It also charged them with “disobedience to standing order” and recommended punishment for the alleged infractions.

The memo was signed by NH Longpoe, a lieutenant colonel in the Military Police, and was received by the Nigerian Army on 7 November.

According to the memo, the groom posted video clips from the wedding on a WhatsApp group page he shares with his course mates.

The memo did not state the names of other affected officers, or when and where the wedding took place.

“Lt E Ali (N/18406) should be charged with Disobedience to Standing Order punishable under Section 57(1) of the AFA CAP A20 LFN: 2004 for contravening Paragraph 11 (g) of the DHQ Policy on the use of Social Media for the FN 2018 by posting his wedding video clips on D$SC Course 25 WhatsApp forum,” the memo reads.