Nigeria Bans Foreign Models & Voice-Over Artists In Advertisements

With effect from October 1, 2022, the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria, or ARCON, has outlawed the use of foreign models and voice actors in any advertisement targeted towards or exposed in the Nigerian advertising space. Advertisements in Nigeria used to frequently use voiceovers with British and American accents, but not any more.

According to a statement issued by ARCON on August 22nd, the prohibition was in keeping with the Federal Government’s strategy of fostering homegrown talent, promoting inclusive economic growth, and the requirement to take the required steps and activities to expand the Nigerian advertising sector.

The prohibition would apply to all non-Nigerians and put an end to the numerous instances of western actors who frequently appeared in Nigerian television commercials.

The announcement, which was signed electronically by Dr. Olalekan Fadolapo, Director-General of ARCON, stated that the decision was made in accordance with the Advertising Regulatory Council of Nigeria Act No. 23 of 2022. He stated that current advertising campaigns would be allowed to complete their terms without being impacted by the regulation.

Nigeria is become the first nation in the world to forbid the use of white models in advertising.

The statement said, “Only Nigerian models and voice actors are to be used in all commercials, advertising, and marketing communications materials.

Current campaigns may continue until the end of their terms, but the Advertising Standards Panel (ASP) will not approve any further requests for revalidation for further exposure of such materials.

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