Nigerian Lady Cries After Spending N9k On Transport To See A Guy

Nigerian lady cries after spending N9k on transport to see a guy only for him to give her N1,300 after spending 3 days being intimate with him

Social media is buzzing with mixed reactions ever since a Nigerian lady posted her experience with a guy whom she travelled to Lagos to see.

In the email which the lady sent to relationship expert, Joro Olumofin, she narrated how she met a guy on Instagram after which their relationship grew more intimate and they decided to meet.

She revealed that she spent N9k on transport fare all the way to Lagos to meet him with promises of giving her money and a laptop made by the guy. 

According to her, after spending three nights together and having seven rounds of intimacy, she was given the sum of N1,300 by the guy.

Livid by this, she rained curses on the guy and his family, stating that this disappointment has unleashed a demon in her and she revealed that she was going to make him beg for this. She also shared a photo of the money she got.

She shared with relationship expert, Joro her ordeal: Hello Joro, Good evening. Sorry to bother ur holiday. Am upset. I feel cheap n worthless. Am bringing this here because am madly in pains. God will punish this guy. Joro this guy i Met on IG. We connected well and all. Doe we never me! and all. He invited me to lag to come and stay for weekend…or spent uk o my money for t fare. He promised me money for for my hair, he said he will give me he’s apple laptop and upkeep money. Have being at he’s place for 3 days now since Thursday. Joro this guy have sex with me 7 times. Even did raw on Saturday night. joro. He didn’t take permission before going in for the raw. Now am buying postinor 2 with my own money. Joro he said he has to travel for business that I should go to he’s neighbors that he gave her money for me. Joro he drop N1300. He’s phone off. Since morning. Joro I have to beg my sister to send me money to fair. Have learnt. A demonness as been born. God punish all Nigeria men. Have learnt. No more good girl. Like 2 guys now at his place. I don’t know if he owns the God punish all Nigeria men. Have learnt. No more good girl. Like 2 guys now at his place. I don’t know if he owns the residence, God punish and his family. He messed with the wrong one. I repeat My God will fight for me. He will beg for this and I won’t accept.”