Nigerian Student M#rdered By Propeller Of Private Plane He Rented For Dinner Date

A Nigerian pupil education withinside the US changed into killed via way of means of a propeller of the personal aircraft he had rented for a dinner date.

Sani Aliyu, 21, died on Sunday night, October 16, in a freak twist of fate after strolling right into a spinning propeller of a small aircraft at the manner again from a date.

The Georgia Southern University scholar became returning to the aircraft, which changed into piloted via way of means of his  friends, whilst he turned into hit two times withinside the head at Statesboro-Bulloch County Airport.

Mr Aliyu and his date had been heading to close by Savannah, that is round fifty five miles of Statesboro from the primary campus of the university, wherein he turned into studying.

Bulloch County Coroner Jake Futch instructed Statesboro Herald: “They flew to Savannah to head on a date, flew again, landed on the Statesboro Airport, and the younger girl were given off the aircraft, and he were given off the plane and walked in the direction of the the front of the aircraft.

“And while he did, the propeller hit him.”

A Federal Aviation Administration spokesperson stated the twist of fate passed off while the plane had “taxied onto the ramp area” and turned into left stood nonetheless round 10.35pm on Sunday.

The single-engine Cessna turned into wearing 4 passengers at the aircraft, the pilot, the co-pilot together with Mr Aliyu and his date.

No one else turned into injured.

A spokesperson for the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office, Todd Hutchens, stated the incident changed into an twist of fate and nobody became at fault: “Nobody is honestly at fault of anything. It turned into an twist of fate.”

Georgia Southern University have paid tribute to Mr Aliyu, who turned into a control major.