Nigerian Woman Bails her Abusive Husband Jailed For Beating Her To Stupor

A Nigerian woman has bailed her ‘abusive’ husband out of jail after he was arrested and detained for brutally beating her, IGBERETV reports.

DPA Family Law Clinic, disclosed this in a Facebook post on Thursday, November 24.

The post read;


We got her husband arrested and detained for doing this to her. His kinsmen refused to come to bail him out. They said he should die there. Guess who went behind us to bail him out? This is how the woman’s sister narrated it to us:

“My sister paid 10k to bail the husband because his people refused to come. She said that even if they take man to court that he will still end up in prison and she can’t bear it. She had been the one paying all bills including rent because he’s not working.”