Nigerians Set To Cash Out With Tinubu Apparels As Electoral Campaign Approachs

On September 28th, many people officially start their CRAZE for their favourite presidential candidates. While political parties are ready to begin their BUGA challenge and test who among them enjoys greater popularity.

In order to help with our TATAFO and Amebo issues, it is our responsibility over here to assess the political parties’ development. Nevertheless, in spite of everything, I have always thought that Nigerians should seize the many chances that the electoral campaigns offer.

For the next five months, the economy will be strengthened, but only diligent and innovative Nigerians will be able to take advantage of the chances made possible by their professions and abilities.

There is something for every profession to focus on; just be ready. From caterers who would be feeding people at rallies to MCs who would be entertaining the crowd at street campaigns, even the HYPEMEN would not be left out.

Printers, hoteliers, content creators (whose only job would be to write propaganda ) etc would undoubtedly profit, so it all comes down to how you see the positive side of the elections.

According to our observations, the tailors would prosper, particularly given the current trend of Tinubu’s clothing taking over every space even before the start of the election campaigns.

From Adamawa through Katsina, down to Rivers and Lagos, among other places, orders and purchases for Tinubu’s apparel have been placed. Millions of people are buying these clothes, and every available space is filled with gorgeous designs. Major businesses including Gucci, Prada, Tommy, Nautical, and others seem to have adopted Tinubu’s Infinity Logo.

The logo effectively promotes your favored applicant while being different and well-liked like that of a designer.

The packaging is even improving as a result of the great demand and fierce competition among fashion designers making fashionable attire for the APC presidential candidate.

Beautiful traditional wears with the Tinubu INFINITY logo, as well as Asiwaju trademark caps, are currently in high demand in the North.

Osigwe Omo-IKirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy.