“Police Stopped Me On Ketu Bridge & Asked For Their Cut Of The 50k Cash On Me”

Members of the @PoliceNG stopped & threatened me on Ketu bridge (9:13am today), searched my bags & phone… saw nothing incriminating. Afterwards, a member of their team questioned me on what I do & after answering them satisfactorily, they suddenly became friendly.

I had about 50k cash on me, they asked for “their” share of my legitimately earned money. I parted with 6k.

My driver was stopped under the bridge but he refused to stop, I was still scolding him when I suddenly saw them in front of us on the bridge, guns cocked & pointing at us.
The driver said he was doing it for me (not stopping earlier). In his words “awon Omo Yahoo ni a ma n gbe travel lati airport, morope eyin na se ise”. Profile me because I am hiring a comfortable car to travel with.

I have a driver that picks me from the airport, I consciously engage him each time we travel & let him know a little safe details about what I do, he was not available & delegated someone & the man already profiled me and tagged me a yahoo boy even before he saw me.
The way the Police cocked and pointed their guns at us was scary. Accidental discharge & that’s it. The head of the team was drinking sachet gin, his team might have had theirs too

You have searched me illegally didn’t see anything incriminating but you still extorted me.
Thank you so much everyone for reaching out.

One day we will truly win this war and the ones who are paid to keep us safe will really get to do what they are paid for.


Shared for Agbeja Ifedapo.