Premier League player sustains ‘brutal injury from having sex in weird position’

An undisclosed Premier League footballer reportedly suffered a serious groin injury that required surgery after having sex in an unusual position.

Professor Aali Sheen, a high-profile surgeon who has worked with plenty of footballers and other athletes to help them recover from groin problems disclosed this incident to The Sun on Sunday.

He spoke about some of his unusual cases, with one current Premier League player requiring surgery due to an embarrassing injury picked up from too much sex in a strange position.

Sheen said, “Groin injuries all come about from twisting and turning but it can happen in unusual circumstances sometimes.

“One top Premier League player was sent to me by his club doctor.

“He had serious pain in his groin and he told me he’d been having hard and vociferous sex with his partner.

“He was graphic about what happened and even showed me the position he suffered it in, which was unusual but helpful.

“I operated on him and he was fully fit again in four weeks,” he said.