Escrow Service

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200.00 Cashback


This is a 100% secure way of purchasing gadgets with major or minor defect(s) ranging from cracks, changed batteries, etc

Just relax, take a chill pill and have no worries.

We make sure we identify and thoroughly investigate your gadget(s) properly before we release funds to the seller.

If any dent or problem not stated is detected on the gadget, we would either TERMINATE the deal and a refund would be processed IMMEDIATELY or we re-negotiate price so it could be fair deal plus compensations.


  • We take 100% responsibility for false report i.e. if you discover any other fault aside from any given by the seller, we would take TOTAL responsibility to fix the problem PLUS COMPENSATIONS.
  • We would VIDEOCALL you when we receive your gadget, so we can re-test it together in your presence.
  • 21 days WARRANTY on all gadgets gotten through escrow service.

1 review for Escrow Service

  1. Trenchboyy

    I advise anyone to opt for this… It’s worth the price trust me… I still have over 18days warranty

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