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Samsung Galaxy A51 SOLD

Product Name Samsung Galaxy A51
Specifications6.5 " Full High Definition Amoled Screen
Dual SIM
Quad Camera
Screen Fingerprint
4gb ram
128gb storage
Original earpiece
Special CodeA51Feb13


• Make sure you inspect the phone thoroughly and you don’t discover a new issue asides from if any stated above. If you do shut the deal.

• You should only meet up with sellers in public locations like their shops, eateries, gas stations, bars, malls. On no reason should you meet up in private places like house, street, car, roadside, hotel rooms. It could be dangerous.

• Do not transfer money to any seller unless he’s a trusted Escrow Agent recommended by us or the both of you are meeting up in a disclosed public location. If you want to understand how escrow works click HERE.

• On no occasion should you send a dispatch rider to pick up an item from an unknown seller. He could fail to meetup with the dispatch, or he could deliver a faulty item without refunding your money. So to be on the safe side, always make use of escrow service

• Each item comes with a special code, send special code to the WhatsApp link below

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