Someone Please Help!!!

I’ve been dating this girl for more than a year. But I have few challenges:

1) She doesn’t like to see me except for a few times. She claims to be a virgin and says I wont be able to resist temptation. That I need to pay her bride price before we can do all those. At times I wonder if there’s something she’s keeping from me.

2) Each time I try to end the relationship, she sheds tears and adds her family members sometimes to beg me.

3) She is a prayerful type (she has MFM background). So, few times she involves me in fasting.

4) She swings mood easily when things are not going on well. This part is really frustrating because she takes everything as fight when this happens. Infact, she hardly takes advice.

I love her but I don’t know how to deal with those bad sides.

From Nairaland