Tech Firm Launches to Improve Digital Voting In Nigeria

A leading tech company and serial enterpreneurial agency in Nigeria, popularly known as Toast Technologies limited have introduced a carefully designed voting web application called It is developed for transparent and quick digital polls with features that allows brands to launch both paid and free contests from any location and via any device. Speaking to Journalists in Abuja, the Chief Executive Officer Kingsley Eze explained that the product gives a wide range of local and global users the opportunity to participate and cast their votes effortlessly.

The CEO stated further that has been tested and trusted for voting during meetings, instant polls at conferences, or a quick second round of voting in the event of a tie. He boasted about the transparency, ease of use, accessibility and safety of results. He described the optimised inbuilt security of the application, stressing that it provides safe and available results in real time with a secured 256bit SSL encryption that ensures protection of results.

While emphasizing on the user friendly feature of, he stressed on the ease of setting up the poll Contests. He explained that users can seamlessly add their own contestants, as participants can also determine the amount for paid votes. He however buttressed on the affordability of the product, which he says requires only 25percent per paid vote for paid plan category and a token of 1000naira preregistration setup fee by client organization in freemium category.

In the category of paid votes, vendors can set price per vote, with voters paying to vote as it also supports Instant voting in single and multiple category. The paid plan category supports also monitoring and result exports. Unlike the paid plan category, the freemium category does not allow voters to pay to vote or vendors set price per vote. The features provided in freemium plan includes voting in single and multiple category, export of results and monitoring of voting process.

Although, has been unveiled to engender free and fair voting process for pagaent organizations, award shows, reality TV Shows, non-governemental organization and corporate organizations. Mr Kingsley Eze said that the new product will contribute to better voting management in the country and can also be adopted for other forms of elections in Nigeria, thereby putting an end to rigging of elections and doctoring of election results in the corporate and social environment.

Recall that Toast Technologies Limited was solely behind the technological development and design of Nigeria indigenous mobility company known as Nairaxi Transport and Logistics company. Today, the Nairaxi mobile application is currently providing on-demand ride-hailing and logistics services to the customers across various cities in the country.