Teenager Accuses Policeman Of Raping Her, Friend In Port Harcourt, Recorded It

In Port Harcourt, Rivers State, a 17-year-old woman only known as Binla accused a police officer of having sexual relations with her and a companion after accusing them of stealing his N500,000 cash.

According to Binla, Salihu Kazeem, a police officer, pulled her and a friend into a room, stripped them, recorded their nude recordings, shot tear gas, and then began raping them until the next morning.

The girl told reporters in Port Harcourt that she feared for her life since the suspected rapist started stalking her after she reported the incident to the nearby Rumokpakani Police Station.

The teen also admitted that the officer had three further sexual encounters with them.

She said that sometime in March 2022, she met Kazeem through a friend while looking for work.

After they returned the policeman’s ATM card, which he had given them so they could go buy some food, the girl expressed amazement that he had accused her of stealing.

He claimed to be receiving numerous debit notifications, so we questioned him how many, she stated. He recently told us that it might be up to N500,000. My friend was fired, but he kept me and the female who went to the store with him. He informed his boys that we were robbers over the phone.

He requested that we remove our dresses. He captured (videotaped) us in our undies. Now, he informed us that if we didn’t corporate with him he’d spread the nude videos.

Then he took us to a room and poured us teargas. He then slept with us till the next morning. After one month he has been coming, like three times now.”

The teenager explained how she met the policeman while looking for a job and how they got to his house.

“I was discussing with my friend that I was looking for a job. She told me that she was going to visit her friend and asked me to join her. When I saw the man, I talked with him. He asked about my age I told him I was 17 years old. He said okay, he would see what he could do.

“He asked if we have had something to eat, we said no. He gave us his ATM card, that we should go and get anything we wanted to eat. We bought food and came back and returned the ATM card to him,” she added.

But in his reaction, the policeman (Kazeem) denied the act, calling them as hook-up girls, and that the girls consented to the sexual act.

However, he said that following one of the hookups, the girls made several withdrawals using his ATM card.

“When they arrived at my place, I gave Elizabeth my ATM (card) and told them to go buy food. They took the ATM card and fled. I didn’t notice them till between 11 and midnight. They didn’t all call me. None of them spoke to me at all. My only communication was a debit alert.

“I made an effort to get in touch with Elizabeth after her buddy gave me her phone number. She then informed me that Binla received my ATM and that I should not feel insulted. That she (Binla) would see me the following day; after that, who is currently utilizing the ATM that I have been using?

Festus Bomwin, an attorney with the Center for Basic Rights Protection and Accountability Campaign, recommended the policeman to surrender so that he could be questioned by the authorities.

He urged the police to launch a comprehensive inquiry into the complainant and the allegedly rapist officer under the direction of Friday Eboka, the state police commissioner.

Grace Iringe-Koko, a spokeswoman for the state police command, confirmed the occurrence when she was contacted and said that the commissioner of police had invited both parties.

“Both sides have been invited by the CP. So, we anticipate their arrival at the command today. After hearing from them, I’m confident a covert investigation will start, and the results will be made public. And those proven guilty will stand trial,” Iringe-Koko ‘A super-intendent of Police stated.