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The Moment Bola Tinubu Shouted God Bless PDP At His Campaign Flag Off

We told the APC that they do not have a candidate but they kept arguing, beyond the drug related crimes for which he has been convicted, the APC candidate does not have the mental stability required to run a complex nation like ours.

Voting an APC government into power will completely destroy this nation and no patriotic Nigerian should allow it to happen.

We appreciate Sen. Bola Ahamed Tinubu for saying God Bless PDP but he can also extend it by saying God Bless Atiku Abubakar Nigeria’s next President who is coming rescue Nigerians from the hopelessness they have been plunged into by the APC.

PDP and Atiku Abubakar remains Nigeria’s only hope and together we can get it done!

Dr. Oche Otorkpa (FRSPH-UK)